The videos of Naeem Hazarvi consists of music albums and many other concerts videos.

Naeem take his early education from Govt School Dryabad Rawalpindi then he move beck and complete his remaining education from his own city he was fond of singing songs from his childhood he love to hear and sung folk and cultural music after completing education his mania increased and then he met his music teacher Mr. Amjed Hussain phapa in Haripur who knew the fell of singing he saw hidden fell of singing in Naeem Hazarvi he worked hard and learnt a lot from his teacher then he went to krachi for earning and continued his practice of singing so he recorded his first album which becomes not so famous but was famous in his area level then second third and so on this chain started many of albums got famous at his area level but he did not get success over all in country he got famous in his area peoples if a man work hard then defiantly he get success Allah Thal'a Showered His His Blessings on Naeem and his Album 'Chalo Koi Gall Nahi' got super-hit. This Song Is The Identity Of Naeem Hazarvi and still peoples are listening and enjoying this song many other songs are at his cradit like 'Rulltay Gay Aan' Sohnrianakhiyan' Yad Kr Chan Mahi' Ujrihui Hay Mehfil' Dholabohun Rosin' are admirable if Allah Thal'a wants to give someone venerations then no one can catch that from him Hazara Arts Council Abbottabad gives him award of Best Singer 2013 due to his thnically service and some other private organizations awarded him also journey of Naeem was continued by the prayers of the his lovers.


Hazara Arts Council Abbottabad Gives Him Award Of Best Singer 2013 Due To His Thnically Service And Some Other Private Organizations Awarded Him Also Journey Of Naeem Was Continued By The Prayers Of The His Lovers.


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